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 Pokemon Red + Blue (Game boy) 'MissingNo.'

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PostSubject: Pokemon Red + Blue (Game boy) ''MissingNo.''   Sun May 17, 2009 5:19 am

You need:

A pokemon that can surf, A pokemon that can fly, access to Cinnibar island and Lv. 80+ pokemon (precaution)

THis is probably the single most famous glitch in the world yet, i decided to post it here for anyone that doesnt know. (I have performed this glitch and, Beware because your Hall of Fame Data will corrupt itself)

1. Talk to the Old man that blocks your way at the beginning of the game. He will ask if you would like to be taught how to catch a pokemon.
Say 'no'.

2.From that spot, dont move but fly to cinnibar island.

3. Surf up and down on the edge of the island, so that you are half on the island.

You will encounter Pokemon from the last area you fought a wild pokemon in
I.E, you fought a kangaskahn in the safari zone, you will encounter Doduos, ryhorns and venonats on the edge of the island.

4. Eventually, you will encounter a Glitchy mess of pixels that looks like a backwards 'L', (much like a tetris block) named


It has two kinds: Lv.0 and Lv.80 both with the moveset

Water Gun, Water gun, Sky attack

Or you can encounter MissingNo.'s Cousin M' which looks like a ghost from the lavender town's Pokemon tower before you get the silph scope.

5. If you catch MissingNo., it will not corrupt your game cartridge, but only your Hall of fame Data. It replaces it with magmars and rattatas.

You can use it in battle as well and if you kill the Lv. 80 type, you will get a ton of EXP. while killing the Lv.0 Variety will give you a whopping 0 EXP.

Be careful, as this has been known to destroy cartridges, rendering them unusable, but only in rare cases. But be careful anyway.

Happy Glitching!
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Pokemon Red + Blue (Game boy) 'MissingNo.'
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