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 Give yourselves a statistic about your skills on games

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The Tankinator

Posts : 102
Join date : 2009-04-30
Age : 23
Location : in a house

Alpha Level
300/300  (300/300)
2/100  (2/100)
Race: Marine

PostSubject: Give yourselves a statistic about your skills on games   Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:01 pm

Here is mine status report.

I am being very honest, and I hope everyone else will be honest too.

Shooting Games

Accuracy: 7/10 (Majority is good, but when rushed its miss miss hit)
Aggression: 10/10 (No fear, most likely to run at the enemy without planning the attack)
Tactics: 4.5/10 (Not very good, the aggression makes it worse, but will remember to check certain corners but forget a lot of others, can pick the right gun but at the wrong time and most likely get shot whilst changing gun)
Cooperation: 8/10 (Very good cooperation, can give good advice before running out like a headless chicken, always checking that team mates are behind and warning team mates of dangerous situations that are most likely to happen, so they can prevent it)

Driving Games

Attitude: 10/10 (At the age of 3 was when I started playing driving games, so now today I am so familiar with the genre I do not have any anger towards it and can control the car's speed, handling greatly, but... there is always a but, if I am in a Cranky mood, I can get very aggressive towards other drivers, smashing their car up including my own, but other than that, I don't care what position I am in the race, I will always be calm and therefor less chance of me to screw up)
Timing: 7/10 (Very good at knowing when to speed the car up and change the gear but when it comes to brakes, I'm not the best at that and I never have been, but I will have my good days and my bad days at it)

These are the only ones i feel like doing, if there is anymore genres i might give a statistic on them.

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Site Artist
Site Artist

Posts : 256
Join date : 2009-05-11
Age : 24
Location : London, England

Alpha Level
250/300  (250/300)
11/100  (11/100)
Race: Neurological Soldier 2

PostSubject: Re: Give yourselves a statistic about your skills on games   Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:16 am


Accuracy: 8.2/10.0

I'm Awesome until I'm under pressure.
Then I panic and waste all the sniper bullets.

But once I learn to play it cool, I'm back in the game.

Aggression: 3.2/10.0

But if the objective is not just kill, I get VERY angry.

As soon as I'm calm, All is okay, and our team will lead.

Tactical Knowledge: 7.4/10.0

I know how to get to cover, and when, But sometimes, in risky situations, plans don't turn out how they should.

Outsmarting opponents is a priority, especially in objectives such as CTF, or Team Deatchmatch/ Slayer, etc.

Co-operation: 2.6/10.0

Most of the games I play, I'm better alone than anything else.
I guess I didn't really learn to work with others, most likely everyone in the game is in party chat or something.

There is, however, a few people that work very well with.

Others just walk in front of me while I use a power weapon = instant suicide


Shifting: 7.6/10

It's a meaty part of racing games, you can't have this much fun in automatic. Manual is where it's at.

Clutch, is a bit hard, but It will be learnt.

It's good to be able to rely on engine noise to shift rather than the meter in the corner, or the dashboard.

Because the meter distracts you from the road.

Shifting is also different for every car, you have to learn how quickly, and how to sync it with braking.

Steering: 6.0/10.0

I admit, it's not that great, but if you know how to tune, it won't be a problem. Just thankful I do know how to tune, otherwise, I'd be spending my time a lot more on grass than tarmac.

At least it's gotten better, I twitch the stick instead of hard-jamming the analog stick in one direction for 5 seconds.

Braking: 9.3/10.0

And because of my bad steering, I make up with excellent braking, so I have a lot of turning room.

I remember not to break too much, otherwise the tyres will lock up.

I also have a bit of tuning to thank for this.

Fighting Games

Combo Chaining: 2.1/10.0

More like "random button mashing", but if it wins me fights, Yay.

Move list memory: 6.9/10.0

I can remember the good ones, but I sometimes make mistakes.

Spamming: 9.6/10.0

Not really a skill, more of an annoying habit to other players. But it works.
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The Tankinator

Posts : 102
Join date : 2009-04-30
Age : 23
Location : in a house

Alpha Level
300/300  (300/300)
2/100  (2/100)
Race: Marine

PostSubject: Re: Give yourselves a statistic about your skills on games   Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:41 am

Fighting Games

i might as well do this one.

Combos: 3/10 (I do try and do some combo's in my games, but i am very bad at it, if i find a combo i like then i just stick to it 'e.g. X A = Strong attack [REPEAT 1000000 TIMES])

Move memory: 1/10 (Do not make me remember moves, I cannot remember anything and im being dead serious)

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Alpha Lord

Posts : 179
Join date : 2009-04-17
Age : 23
Location : Where do u think??

Alpha Level
300/300  (300/300)
100/100  (100/100)
Race: ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper)

PostSubject: Re: Give yourselves a statistic about your skills on games   Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:51 pm


Accuracy: 6.3/10.0

I can hit most things I aim at, but if I'm pressured into walking backwards and spraying in their general direction, it all goes tits up.

Aggression: 7.4/10.0

I am an aggressive player, but the more simple the situation the less aggressive I can get...

Things like '1. Run and plant bomb, 2. Run back whilst taking cover from tank, 3. Run to tank an blow the crap out of it, 4. Do some random crap to fill the end of the level' can bring out the demon in me.

Tactical Knowledge: 9.1/10.0

I have always been ones to take a intellectual approach to most difficult situations, while at the same time being aggressive, so I would say I have a quite high tactical rating.

Although Strategic games like Command and Conquer really don't work well with me.

Co-operation: 0.5/10.0

Being a lone wolf is my strong point.
Relying on others tends to always make something go wrong, and they all let you down eventually. But, like Applesauce says, there are very few people that can ever co-operate with me at a high standard.


Shifting: 1.8/10

I suck at driving games, fullstop. With the exception of Forza 3. I'm not too bad at that...

Anyway, I don't use manual, so, ya...

Steering: 5.2/10.0

Not too bad. This might be my 'awesomesauce' of driving games. But still not too good. I tend to hold on the steeringness, instead of gradually rolling around corners.

Braking: 4.0/10.0


Honest to god, I don't brake until the last minute. Causes massive placement loss on my end.

Fighting Games

Combo Chaining: 8.2/10.0

My combo chaining skill is rather extensive, if I do say so myself. I can take one combo (I.e, a Launcher combo), and link it with another combo (I.e, an aerial or Anti-air attack combo) for massive damage.

Timing: 9.7/10.0
I'm good with my timing. I can stop an opponent from touching the floor for ,at the moment, a maximum of 17 seconds ( XD )

But this timing rating is a general rating across all of my video game genres.

Move list memory: 8.0/10.0

This slows down my combo chaining production. I will spend entire days reciting one character's movepool and have that one character fully approachable in my arsenal.

Spamming: 3.0/10.0

I suck at spamming. Nuff said.

I AM your Lord and Master...BOW DOWN TO ME!
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PostSubject: Re: Give yourselves a statistic about your skills on games   

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Give yourselves a statistic about your skills on games
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